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Château de Bitremont

Château de Bitremont
Province:Hainaut (Hennegau, Henegouwen)

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Bitremont Castle is the ruins of a moated castle west of the town of Bury, in the municipality of Péruwelz in Belgium.

Bitremont was in the 12th century Seat of a Seigneurie. In the following years saw this many owners, including the families of Enghien, Argenteau and Merode. The Merodes familie selling the property to the noble family Visart de Bocarmé, whose descendants still play an important role in Belgian politics. In favor of Louis-François Visarts was the rule on 5 September 1753 brought to the county.

By a fire in April of 1998 the castle was badly damaged and is now a ruin.

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